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Alrwad Steel Industries Factory

Saad Bin Hussain Bin Dajam factory is industrially specialized for trailers, dump trucks and metal works. It is indeed advanced in the industry using latest technology and equipment on a sytamized method.

The establishment was found in 1405 Hijri by Sheikh Hussain Bin Abdul Wahab Bin Dajam, ( may God rest his soul ). it was started as a small metal workshop , Sbsequently it has shifted the factory to the old Industrial Site from there  it was permanently shifted to the new industrial area at Khamis Mushayt.

Due to determination and the dedication, the business volume has  increased rapidly (thanks to God Almighty) and the prosperity continued until it became the one of the leading traders in the southern region specially in the metal products. 

We are very keen to provide an excellent customer service with extrem quality, of course,  using sophysticated techonology.


The experiences of the plant during the past twenty years are bound to make it in the class of plants developed and able to meet the needs of customers, each according to financial ability and all thanks to God, and then labor trained and specialized in this field and includes more than the factory team and the entire team after the tasks assigned to it which lead to smooth flow of work and delivery schedules have the factory employing over 100 workers of different nationalities are on a high degree of competence and experience.