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President Word

I am very pleased and honored to welcome you to the website of the group, which was developed to be the channel of communication with all of you as customers and partners succeed, and to announce to you our objectives and strategies for wealth of great benefit in supporting our customers and achieve their desires and aspirations.

Strategic vision has consisted carefully prepared to be a leader in the field of transport and industrial companies to meet, God willing, the aspirations of the Saudi market with high efficiency and capacity.

It was also noted that the continued success we have achieved is due to the grace of God Almighty first and then to the concerted joint efforts of all workers in various of our companies and their sense of the level assigned to them responsibility, as well as the strong strategic relationship we have built with our customers and our success for more than a quarter of a century and derived from values exclusive commercial principles, which are based on the basis of honesty and fulfilling and delivering products and services of high quality and competitive price.

The most important priority in the construction of the human race is able to meet the integrated services to our customers. We have paid particular for the development and training of national elements of importance to take the lead in our business, we have been able thankfully the localization of high levels of employment and strive to increase these percentages to the benefit of the overall national economy .

The current orientations working to focus our energies and our efforts to expand our activities and major development work of our companies operating in various fields to provide all the available opportunities to serve the progress and growth of our group and for the benefit of Saudi society on the social and economic levels and to be the first in, God willing.

God willing, we look forward to achieve your ambitions and services worthy of our partners are proud of their success.

Please accept our greetings and super great gratitude.,., And God bless you and take care of you.


Saad Bin Hussian Bin Dajam