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, and the collection contains a working group activities in several areas, including commercial, industrial, investment, and operating those facilities and companies in a competitive environment, which makes it imperative for the group to maintain its reputation and protect their interests full care to choose the administrative and technical staff working with specializations and high qualifications and expertise, helping to lift the catalog and productive performance, which enables them to ensure production continuity maximum operational limits, as well as to ensure the successful implementation of marketing and production plans, the latest international quality systems.

The company activities includes the following:

•    Electricity projects in various regions.
•    Transportation Projects on Fuel, Oil, Cement and Asphalt.
•    Construction and contracting.
•    Gas Stations in various region in the Kingdom.
•    Labor contracts and Tender callings.

The Services

•    Steel and Metal Fabrication.
•    Transportation  of petroleum products.
•    Real Estates.
•    Assts Management.
•    Advertising.
•    Engineering Consultancy.
•    Factories and Shopping Complexes.